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Fairy Princess Salon

Create your fairy princess in this beauty salon

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EU Value-Added Tax (VAT) Changes - What You Need to Know

In an effort to prevent major web-based companies from avoiding tax-related red-tape by directing most EU sales through notoriously low-VAT countries, the new regulations shift taxation of digital goods from the location of the company to the location of the customer.

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Twins Memory Game - new game for Windows Phone

Twins Memory Game involves you into exciting adventure. The main characters are twins Alex and Mia. The evil magician Zilzebar has stolen Mia, and Alex is going to save her. And you will help him.

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We learn to count with the app "Connect the dots - we learn to count" for Android

The entertaining game with an educational tendency, bright illustrations and simple interface to help you easily remember the account in order. Each set of dots keeps the mystery of hidden object and you must connect all dots into one line to know how this object look.

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"The Land Far,Far Away" - is an online magazine for children

Application "The Land Far,Far Away" allows kids to find themselves in the world of the unknown and mysterious wonders of Old Russian folklore.

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We invite authors of children's fairy tales, artists and illustrators to cooperation with us!

If you are author of children's tales, stories and you have illustrations to your works, but you don't know how to show its to your target audience - we are ready to help you. We are ready to provide you with a new distribution channel for your products - through baby`s mobile applications "Tales and books for children" and "Child`s interactive magazine" and to act as the publisher of your works in the mobile world.

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3D graphics

3D graphics for incremental Strater

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The mobile help for children in learning English

Using gadgets in children's education gives additional opportunity to take children with any matter for interesting, fun and useful way of spending time. Teaching English applications help in an interactive form to train children's knowledges and learn information about the world.

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Children's world of mobile applications

Children's applications are transformed into good help for parents who due to modern trends cannot give up using of the gadgets in their life. Now mobile devices plays the role of private tutors for younger children.

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Microsoft released OneNote for Android tablets with handwriting input

​Microsoft announced the release of One Note app for Android tablets which makes the users closer to OneNote experience on Microsoft Surface tablets

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