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Google updated its Google Drive iOS app with support of Touch ID

​Google announced the release of update to its Google Drive app for iOS

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Opera Software released a new version of Opera Mini for iOS

​Opera Software announced the release of a new version of its Opera Mini browser for iPhone and iPad

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Google redesigned its Gmail and Calendar apps for Android Lollipop

​Google announced the launch of the new versions of Gmail and Google Calendar for Android Lollipop

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Skype updated its iPhone app

​Microsoft announced the release of another major update of its Skype app for iPhone

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Task management app upgraded to version 2.0

​The popular task management app has been updated to version 2.0

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Facebook updated its apps for iOS and Android with new photo options

​Facebook announced the release of updated version of its app for iOS and Android

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Google adds support of GPS and offline music playback to Android Wear

​Google announced the major update of its wearables platform Android Wear

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Mobli Media updated its ephemeral messaging app Mirage

​Mobli Media, a company from Israel, launched Mirage in July 2014. This app allows users to send and receive messages disappearing after a few seconds

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Apple released iOS 8.1

​Apple started to roll out the iOS 8.1, the first major update of the latest installment of Apple’s mobile iOS

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Yahoo updated its Flickr iOS app

​Yahoo announced the new version of its Flickr app for iOS. Version 3.2 is optimized for Retina-display iPad and iOS 8

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Line released its special app for iPad

​Line released a special version of its popular messaging app for iPad

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Google officially presented Android 5.0 Lollipop

Google officially announced the final release of Android L, the newest version of its mobile operating system

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Boulder Dash: 30th Anniversary released for iOS

​Tapstar Games announced the release of Boulder Dash: 30th Anniversary for iOS mobile devices

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Video-messaging app Samba released for Android

​Samba is a startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Its team developed the app of the same name, which users to record video for friend and then record the reaction to that video, which is shared back

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PlayFirst released Diner Dash for iOS and Android

​Glu Mobile and PlayFirst announced the launch Diner Dash for iOS and Android

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Qiup adds the spreadsheets to its productivity suite

​Quip was founded in 2013 by ex-Facebook CTO Bret Taylor and Kevin Gibbs, who worked with him at Google

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Adobe released Creative Cloud app for Android

​Adobe released the app Creative Cloud (preview) for Android, it is a file management tool connected, naturally, to Adobe’s Creative Cloud

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StreamNation released its photo app Shutter for Android

​StreamNation launched its app called Shutter for iOS in June 2014, now this app is also released for Android

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Netflix updated its Android app with visual search

​Netflix released the updated version of its official mobile app for Android

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PlaceUs location-sharing app launched for Android

​Alohar Mobile, developer of free apps powered by context-awareness and location-based technology, announced it has brought its popular app PlaceUs to Android

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Social network for book lovers Goodreads released a major update of its iOS app

​Goodreads is the social network for book lovers, Amazon acquired the company in March 2014

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Music discovery app WhoSampled released for Android

​Music discovery app WhoSampled for iOS was launched in the Apple’s App Store in spring of 2014 and was listed as one of the best apps in the world by the Telegraph, The Next Web, The Sunday Times, Stylist and more

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Disney Interactive released Star Wars Commander for Android and Windows Phone

Disney announced the launch of Star Wars Commander for Android and Windows Phone

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Social discovery app Findery released for Android

​A startup called Findery, founded by Flickr co-founder Catherina Fake, released the app of the same name for Android

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Photo-sharing app Storehouse got an iPhone version

​Former Apple designer Mark Kavano released the photo-sharing app Storehouse for iPad back in February. The app became the winner of the 2014 Apple Design Award

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ClipUp visual task management platform for iOS gets free version

​ClipUp is an iOS app for creative people which offers everything one would need to quickly and easily plan, remember, categorize, share and report various information

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Google updated its Google Play Movies & TV iOS app with download and offline playback

​Google updated its free Google Play Movies & TV app for iOS with a couple of very useful features

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Apple redesigned its Apple Store app for iOS

​Apple updated its Apple Store iOS app to version 3.0. This new version has totally new design of the interface, with larger images displaying products compared to before and more refined navigation

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Sqor released new sports app for Android

​Sports app Sqor was released for iOS in 2013, now the team behind it developed Android version, which is already available on Google Play

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Facebook updated its Messenger app for Windows Phone with new features

​Facebook released an updated version of its Messenger app for Windows Phone.

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Foursquare launched Swarm app for Windows Phone

​Back in May Foursquare released a standalone app Swarm for Android and iOS, now it is also available for users of Windows Phone mobile devices

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Weight Loss app NuMi released for Android

​Nutrisystem announced the launch of its NuMi weight loss app for Android, the iOS version of it was released earlier this year

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Foursquare released a new version of its core app

​Foursquare released a new version of its main mobile app, which is totally redesigned

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Drop Messages got $1.25 million in seed round of financing

​Drop Messages, the team behind the location-based app of the same name, announced the closing of a $1.25 million seed round from group of investors led by Atlas Ventures and Spark Capital

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Beats Music updated its iOS app

Beats Music, recently acquired by Apple, updated its iOS app for the subscription-based Beats Music service  

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Foursquare changes logo and announces redesign of its main app

Foursquare introduced the new logo and announced redesign of its main app. After the release of a standalone app Swarm, the company decided to give its existing discovery and recommendation app a new look. 

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Press release
Game Insight Launches Economic Strategy Game Transport Empire for Android

Vilnius, Lithuania, July 22, 2014 — Have you ever dreamed of becoming a business tycoon? Game Insight gives you a chance to turn this dream into reality as Transport Empire, the Steampunk tinged strategy game, has been released for Android and is available for download in the Google Play Store. 

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News released its app for iOS, the company specializing on languages learning, announced the release of its app for iOS. Earlier this year the Android app was launched and shortly after this the company released Web app and expanded its academic partnerships.

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Press release
Game Insight Launches Big Business Deluxe Strategy Game for Windows 8

Vilnius, Lithuania, July 21, 2014 — Game Insight have today announced the release of a new version of its extraordinarily successful Big Business Deluxe strategy game that has just been launched on Windows 8 devices and is available for free download in the Windows Store.

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Blockchain launches the updated Bitcoin Wallet app for Android

Blockchain announced the release of a new version of its Bitcoin Wallet App for Android devices.

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