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Square One released Immediately, an e-mail app for sales representatives

Square One released new e-mail app for iOS and web, it’s called Immediately and aimed to sales representatives

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News released Intro, an app for creating and sharing digital business cards announced the release of a new app called Intro, it will let users to create and share digital business cards

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VideoSelfie secured $1.2 million for its mobile app

VideoSelfie is coming soon and will allow users to record video selfies and edit them in real time by adding filters, various decorations and GIFs and also share them to social media etc

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Jimdo presented website creation platform on Android

​Jimdo, the team behind a website creation platform of the same name, released its app for Android

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Google presented Inbox, a new email app

​Google introduced a new email app called Inbox, it was developed by the same team which built Gmail

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Microsoft released Music Deals app for Windows Phone

​Microsoft announced the release of the Microsoft Music Deals for Windows and Windows Phone

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Olocode released its business contacts app for iOS and Android

​Olocode, a free service of sharable contact details, launched its app Olocode Plus for iOS and Android

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Canva released its simple drag-and-drop design platform for iPad

Canva is the Australian startup which developed a design platform of the same name

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Just Add Audio for iOS helps users to add royalty-free music to their videos and slideshows

​VideoBlocks, the company providing stock media service, announced the release of its first consumer-oriented mobile app, Just Add Audio

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Skype launched video messaging app Qik

​Skype announced the launch of the new app called Skype Qik

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Selfie Vista for iOS takes front and back shots simultaneously

​Selfie Vista is an interesting new app which recently appeared at Apple’s App Store, it allows users to take a front and back shots simultaneously

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Moonfry launched party planning mobile app P.S. XO for iOS

​Moonfry announced the launch of P.S. XO app, which will help users to plan parties, the app is already available at the Apple’s App Store

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Cyberlink launched photo-ediing app PhotoDirector for iOS

Well-known multimedia software company Cyberlink announced the release of its powerful photo-editing app called PhotoDirector for iOS

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ComiXchat, the app turning messages to comics

​The scene of messaging apps is really overpopulated now, but this new app has its unique twist that can attract a lot of people who are fans of comics

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Microsoft released photo-sharing app Xim

​Microsoft announced the release of Xim, a new photo-sharing app for Windows Phone, Android and iOS

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Snowball for Android collects all social messages in one place

​Snowball is a new app for Android, which is not a messaging app itself but it serves like an inbox which shows all user’s messages from different social apps in one place

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Microsoft released OneNote Class Notebook Creator, an app for teachers

​Microsoft announced the launch of OneNote Class Notebook Creator, an app which will help teachers to improve their work in the paperless age

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Isuu released its app for iOS

​At last, well-known digital reading platform Isuu released its app for iOS

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Capital One released mobile wallet app working with Apple Pay

​Apple’s payment system Apple Pay is slate for release on October 20, but some companies already started to roll out their apps designed for work with it

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Doublie app lets users to make selfies with celebrities

​Doublie is a new app for iOS which is oriented to those users who like making selfies, it helps to add more fun to it.

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Noice – a new app sending emoji with sounds

​Noice is a new app with a slogan “Less talking. More feeling”, which recently appeared in Apple’s App Store

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Jawbone launched new fitness app for iOS 8

​Jawbone announced the release of its second fitness tracking app which supports Apple’s HealthKit appeared in iOS 8

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Takes released 1-click video capturing app for iOS

​Takes is a technology company with a simple belief “Photography isn’t about capturing images; it’s about sharing our lives and allowing others to vicariously experience our most treasured moments”

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Tango released a new app Tango Music Pix for iOS and Android

​Tango is one of the leading messaging apps with over 250 million registered users and more than 70 million monthly active users. In July the team gave a preview of a new app called Tango Music Pix

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Spruce released mobile “virtual doctor” app and raised $2 million in seed funding

A startup Spruce Health recently released a new telemedicine mobile app for iOS which will help users to substitute expensive real visits to doctors by virtual visits to specialists in medicine

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Getty Images released Stream, an app for iOS

​Famous stock photo service Getty Images released a new iOS app called Stream

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The grocery shopping app HowGood released and raised $2 million

​The startup HowGood was founded in 2007 by two brothers - Alexander and Arthur Gillet. Recently this company announced that it had raised $2 million in venture funding and released a new mobile app for iOS and Android

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Digg co-founder Kevin Rose released photo app Tiiny

​Digg co-founder Kevin Rosehave founded another startup North Technologies, which recently released its first app Tiiny.

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HomeTube released, a kids-friendly YouTube launcher for Android

​Cris Lacy, the developer who made well-known apps Link Bubble and Action Launcher recently released a new application called HomeTube for Android

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Cluster released travel app Tripcast

​The team which created photo-sharing app Cluster, developed and released its side project Tripcast. This app for iOS and Android lets you share your travel photos with the people who want to see everything, not just the highlights

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Pandora released the app for Google Glass

​Pandora released its app for Google Glass

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Endomondo launches daily activity app Endomondo Life

​Endomondo released Endomondo Life, and app for iPhone 5s, which uses M7 motion processor for collecting statistics of users’ daily activity

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Google released presentations app Google Slides for iOS

​Google announced the release of its new iOS app for presentations called Google Slides. It will join Google Docs and Google Sheets in the Google’s office suite of apps for iOS

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Instagram launched a standalone app Hyperlapse

​Instagram announced the release of a standalone app Hyperlapse for iOS. This app can speed up shaky videos and turn them into time lapses

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Skyscanner launched a standalone app for hotels search

​Skyscanner announced the release of standalone app Skyscanner – Hotel Search. The app for iOS is already available on the Apple App Store

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Kuddle – “Instagram” for kids

​Kuddle, a startup from Norway, released a mobile app of the same name. Kuddle is an innovative photo sharing social media app inspired by Instagram and designed for kids of all ages

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Vemory – video creation platform for iOS

Vemory, a startup from Austin, Texas, launched an app of the same name for iOS, it will give users the possibility of auto-creation of videos from camera rolls and social networking profiles

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Google released Photo Sphere Camera app for iOS

Photo Sphere Camera is an app developed by Google which permits to “capture the entire 3D world” around you

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Classy launches Student Marketplace for iOS

​Classy Mobile announced the release of its Student Marketplace app for iOS. The app is oriented on students who want to sell their items to other students

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A new shopping app Spring released for iOS

​A new shopping app called Spring is released on the Apple’s App Store. This app is created by the team lead by entrepreneur and angel investor David Tisch, who is known for having invested in over 100 startups

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