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Red Hot Labs launched new app marketing service Toro

​Red Hot Labs is a startup founded by ex-Zynga people from the team which built famous game hits FarmVille and CityVille, recently the team launched an app monetization product called Toro

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Intel Capital invested $62 million in 16 technology startups

​Intel Capital, an investment arm of the world’s leading chipmaker, reported that it has invested $62 million into 16 technology startups

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Riffsy raised $3.5 million in funding for GIF iOS keyboard

​Startup Riffsy got started with a GIF-making and sharing app back in February-March, but after Apple’s announcement of support custom keyboards by iOS 8 the company focused on creating a keyboard that can be used for sending GIFs via iMessage, Twitter and e-mail

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KickOn launched its party discovery app in the US

​KickOn is a startup from Australia which developed the event discovery app of the same name targeted at college students

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Mobile internet investments reached record $19.2 billion

​Consulting firm Digi-Capital published its Mobile Internet Investment Review Q3 2014 report

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Osmo raised $12 million for creating new kind of mixed physical and digital gaming

​The startup called Osmo was founded in 2013. The company launched a crowdfinding campaign bringing in $2.4 million in revenue via online pre-orders for the device that mixes the physical and digital worlds.

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Canva released its simple drag-and-drop design platform for iPad

Canva is the Australian startup which developed a design platform of the same name

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Fresvii raised $1.8 million for cloud based mobile games voice chat

​Fresvii is a startup from Redwood City, California, which is behind a new platform called AppSteroid that permits smartphone game players to chat with their partners in mobile games

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Video-messaging app Samba released for Android

​Samba is a startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Its team developed the app of the same name, which users to record video for friend and then record the reaction to that video, which is shared back

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Google released Google Primer, an app with marketing lessons

​Google just released another iOS app called Primer

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Mobile messaging startup Avaamo raised $6.3 million for business app

​A startup called Avaamo, which was founded by two former Tibco execs, announced that it has secured $6.3 million in seed funding

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Mobile video community Vive raised $1.5 million in seed funding

​Vive is a startup from Berlin which developed a mobile video app of the same name

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Frankly raised $12.8 million and launched SDK business

​A startup called Frankly developed the private messaging app of the same name

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Mobile marketing company Appboy raised $15 million

​Mobile marketing startup Appboy offer a suite of tools which can help developers and publishers to retain and interact with app users through in-app messages, push notifications, email and in-app feedback forms

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Berlin-based startup Remerge raised $1 million for mobile marketing platform

​Berlin-based startup Remerge raised $1 million in a seed round led by Point Nine Capital

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Skillz will expand its play-for-cash mobile gaming service with new funding of $6 million

​Skillz is a startup from San Francisco which focuses on bringing play-for-cash functionality to mobile games

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Yahoo shuts down Qwiki, the app creating short movies from camera roll

Yahoo announced that the company will shut down some of its services and apps, Qwiki is among them

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Flipboard released its uncompleted app for Windows Phone

​Flipboard, a startup behind the popular digital magazine announced the version of its app for Windows Phone about a year ago, but only now its development is coming to completion

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Spruce released mobile “virtual doctor” app and raised $2 million in seed funding

A startup Spruce Health recently released a new telemedicine mobile app for iOS which will help users to substitute expensive real visits to doctors by virtual visits to specialists in medicine

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Bionym raised $14 million in funding for heartbeat authentication wristband

​Bionym, a startup from Toronto, announced that it has raised a $14 million in series A round of funding from the group of investors led by Ignition Partners, Relay Ventures, MasterCard and Salesforce Ventures

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Gametime got $4 million in funding round

​Gametime is a startup from San Francisco specializing in selling last-minute tickets for sports events

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Grantoo rebranded into Fuel and raised $3.5 million

​Fuel is a startup which offers customizable multiplayer and online SDK boosting user engagement, retention and monetization

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News raised $1.25 million for its mobile healthcare service

​, a startup from San Francisco raised $1.25 million in seed funding from accelerator Launchpad Digital Health, East Link Capital, and five angel investors

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Social discovery app Findery released for Android

​A startup called Findery, founded by Flickr co-founder Catherina Fake, released the app of the same name for Android

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The grocery shopping app HowGood released and raised $2 million

​The startup HowGood was founded in 2007 by two brothers - Alexander and Arthur Gillet. Recently this company announced that it had raised $2 million in venture funding and released a new mobile app for iOS and Android

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Reportedly Apple is close to a deal to acquire Path

Path is the social networking company that calls itself “ideal for close friends and family”. Recently some online sources reported that Apple is close to a deal to buy this startup from San Francisco.

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Video-conferencing service Sqwiggle released its first iPad app

​Sqwiggle is a startup offering the platform that helps to improve collaboration of remote teams by video-conferencing

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Cotap integrates its messaging service for workplace with cloud storage providers

​Cotap is a startup providing a WhatsApp-like messaging service for enterprises. Recently the company announced that it has integrated its messenger with four main cloud storage providers and released a desktop app

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Kuddle – “Instagram” for kids

​Kuddle, a startup from Norway, released a mobile app of the same name. Kuddle is an innovative photo sharing social media app inspired by Instagram and designed for kids of all ages

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Vemory – video creation platform for iOS

Vemory, a startup from Austin, Texas, launched an app of the same name for iOS, it will give users the possibility of auto-creation of videos from camera rolls and social networking profiles

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PlayFab raised $2.5 million in seed round from angel investors

​PlayFab, a Seattle company that provides back-end support for game studios, announced a $2.5 million seed round from angel investors like PopCap co-founder Jason Kapalka and IronPort co-founder Scott Banister

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OneDay released video storytelling app for iOS

​Dallas-based startup OneDay announced the release of the free video storytelling app of the same name for iOS

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Google acquires traveling startup JetPac

​The traveling startup JetPac wrote at its official site that the company is acquired by Google. The information about the financial terms of the deal are not disclosed

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Samsung acquires SmartThings for $200 million

​Samsung acquires SmartThings, a startup which is focused on home automation products. This will help Korean giant to expand its presence on the scene of Internet of Things

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Google acquires a mobile video app Directr

​Google announced that its YouTube unit had acquired Directr, a mobile video app which is used by small businesses for creating marketing videos. The financial terms of the deal are not disclosed.

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Nanu released a free calling app working even in 2G networks

​Singapore-based startup Nanu released its ad-supported app for Android. It allows the users to call each other for free even if they use low-bandwidth 2G networks

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LiquidM raised $3.7 million for its Mobile Advertising Management Platform

LiquidM is a startup that developed white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), which offers optimization of the management processes for mobile media buyers

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Kamkord updated its iOS app with mobile gameplay recording and sharing

Kamkord is 17-person startup responsible for iOS app of the same name which permits users to record and share gameplay via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and e-mail. Recently the company announced the release of the updated app

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Fitness app PumpUp raised $2.4 million in seed financing round

PumpUp, Canadian startup from Waterloo, Ontario, launched its fitness app PumpUp in December 2012. Since then it gained over 1.7 million users. 

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Israeli’s startup Supersonic raised $15 million in Series B investment round

Israeli’s startup Supersonic announced that it raised $15 million in Series B investment round, which was led by SAIF Partners, one of China’s largest VC firms. After this round Supersonic’s total investment grew up to $23.2 million.

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