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Bobaka has received 60K USD grant from Microsoft

Bobaka is glad to announce the registration as a partner at the BizSpark network and a deal of receiving a 60K USD Cloud Grant from Microsoft. The funds will be used to improve the performance and the server technologies of our current and future releases.

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New Year’s resolutions to #RestoreControl online in 2015

Dashlane calls on consumers to #RestoreControl in 2015 with 7 New Year’s resolutions

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Britons beat Americans in password security – but Germans come out on top

​Britons have much stronger passwords than their US counterparts according to research carried out by password security specialist, Dashlane. The research also highlights that German web users’ password security is far ahead of that of other nations.

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Nexage Introduces Retargeting Capability on the Nexage Marketplace

AOL and Criteo among first to leverage functionality to expand mobile reach.

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The Impact of the iPhone 6 Launch on App Use and Marketing Spend

Latest August Indexes from Fiksu Data Indicates Now is a Great Time for Marketing to Android Users

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AppInTop Blog - ​Five Retention Strategies for Games Developers and Publishers

If a game is to be successful, retaining a loyal player base is the key. Clever marketing and all out promotion can hook players in, but whether or not they stick around, spending their hard-earned on your IAPs, requires engaging gameplay, a slick overall experience and a solid retention strategy

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AppInTop Blog - Our new podcast episode with Kirill Sofronov from TapGravity

​Listen our new podcast: Kirill Sofronov. Performance-based mobile ads: what you need to know

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AppInTop Blog - ​Worldwide Tablet Forecast Slashed

Due to a recent drop in demand, research firm IDC has revised its 2014 full year predictions for worldwide tablet shipments, dropping the number from 260.9 million units to 233.1 million

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AppInTop Blog - ​Global Mobile Ad Revenue Hits $19.3bn in 2013

Global mobile advertising revenue climbed by a massive 92% to $19.3 billion in 2013, over a total of $10.1 billion the previous year

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AppInTop Blog - Our new podcast episode with Erepublic Labs is available in iTunes

Listen our new podcast: Alexis Bonte. Erepublik Labs, Soft Launch of The Mobile Game

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AppInTop Blog - ​Mobile browser ads are more popular than in-app ads

Most of us see mobile ads regularly. Yet how often do we actually click on an ad?

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AppInTop Blog - ​Girls Love Mobile Games More

A new survey, published by the review site Inside Mobile Apps, has uncovered findings that may have to change how we perceive our mobile gaming audience

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AppInTop Blog - Our new podcast episode with Gamblit Gaming is available in iTunes

​Listen our new podcast: Gamblit Gaming, How to monetize mobile games with real-money gambling?

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AppInTop Blog - ​Adapting for the Very Small Screen

Econsultancy’s New Mobile Display Ecosystem report, conducted in association with OpenX, examines how publishers and content providers are dealing with the shift towards mobile, and how ads and ad agencies are making the most of their new format

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AppInTop Blog - ​The App Economy: Winners and Losers

While there is the potential to make big profits in the iOS and Android app marketplaces, there is always the risk of going broke if your product is unsuccessful for any reason

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AppInTop Blog - Mobile Ad Engagement Doubles

Almost 50% of mobile shoppers now say they find mobile ads helpful and informative, which is up 113% from 22% in 2013, according to a study by Nielsen

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AppInTop Blog - ​Programmatic marketing in the UK

In 2013, £1.86 billion was spent on mobile and Internet advertising in the UK, according to MTM London, and about 28% of that was through programmatic marketing

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AppInTop Blog - ​Mobile App Retention Rates

After making your first impression, gathering in all those initial installs, what happens to your app after the big push? How do your users continue to interact with it?

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AppInTop Blog - One in Five iOS Apps are Basically Dead

​20% of all iOS apps are dead. They are no more, bereft of life, they have ceased to be and, according to a study by marketing firm Adjust, almost all of the other 80% are zombies

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AppInTop Blog - ​No Thanks, Mobile Browsers – There’s an App for That

As mobile internet’s share of individual digital media use passed 60% around May 2014, the use of apps over their browser counterparts climbed to 51% according to research by comScore

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AppInTop Blog - Our new podcast episode with Paul Müller from

Understanding where users come from, how they interact with an app and how much revenue they bring to the app developers are all essential questions

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AppInTop Blog - Smartphones All the Rage in Germany

eMarketer reports that smartphones have attained a majority penetration of 55 percent in 2014, up from 41 percent the previous year.

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AppInTop Blog - Increasing Device Fragmentation has a Positive Impact on Mobile Ad Targeting

Six billion internet devices are expected to be sold in 2014, according to global analytics firm IHS. Enclosed in that number is a bewildering array of diverse devices, from the obvious, such as: smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops, to the more obscure, like: games consoles, smart watches, smart TVs and connected cars.

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AppInTop Blog - Google Analytics gets its Own Dedicated iPhone App

Google Analytics has finally been made available for the iPhone. No longer will iOS using website owners have to run to the web, or rely on third party access, to pull up the information they need about their site’s activity.

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AppInTop Blog - Bitcoin apps: what you need to know

Security breaches, links with drug dealing; it’s been a rough time lately for Bitcoins and the apps that use them. Earlier this year, virtual currency apps like Blockchain, Coinbase and Coinpocket were removed from the App Store, without Apple giving a clear reason.

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AppInTop Blog - Freemium Apps Account for 98 percent of Google Play Revenue

As Android apps now fill the Google Play store to the tune of 1.5 million while downloads increase by 50 percent compared with 2013.

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AppInTop Blog - The Rising Tide of Mobile App Engagement

Recent research has shown that app engagement is on the up. The percentage of apps launched only once then forgotten about has dropped between March 2011 and March 2014 from 26 percent to 20 percent. Better still, the percentage of users opening an app more than 10 times has risen from 26 percent to 39 percent over the same period.

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AppInTop Blog - Mobile Advertising to be the UK’s Biggest Channel by 2018

A new forecast from eMarketer says that mobile ad spending in the UK will reach £2.02 billion this year, and if the trend continues it could be as much as £6.91 billion by 2018.

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AppInTop Blog - Apple’s Plans to Re-invents the App Store

Right now, the App Store works great for the 200-300 apps at the top of the charts, but there is very little room for the rest of the 1.2 million to be discovered. The top performers are so entrenched in their top rankings, new apps can’t attract the installs to get nearer the top and they can’t get nearer the top without attracting the installs. In short, they are stuck.

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AppInTop Blog - Our new podcast episode with Inmobi is available in iTunes

Listen our new podcast "InMobi. Native ads: how to increase conversions?" in iTunes

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AppInTop Blog - Our podcast episode with Nordeus

Today PocketGamer publishes our podcast episode with Nordeus, the developer of Top Eleven, the most successful football game in the world.

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AppInTop Blog - Mobile Developers Now Number 8.7 Million Worldwide

You are not alone. That’s what MJ was singing specifically for independent app developers around the world in 1995. Well maybe, but as of 2014, the Evans Data Corp reports that there are 8.7 million other developers out there.

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AppInTop Blog - Personalised Marketing to Reach Mobile Ad Friendly Shoppers

At the Mobile Research Summit in New York on 19th June 2014, Nielsen announced data they had gathered in relation to American smartphone users and shopping.

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AppInTop Blog - Tablet Market Thriving in the Philippines

IDC’s  Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker reports that an amazing 598,375 tablets were delivered to the Philippines in Q1 alone of 2014. This surprising increase in the countries tablet shipments indicates a huge 110 percent year-on-year growth, the largest of any in Southeast Asia.

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CPIEra Blog - Tablet Advertising – an in-depth look

Tablets have been with us for a while, and most people seem to enjoy the higher level of engagement and consumer interaction that the format provides. Up until now though, there has been little research to quantify this or investigate the efficiency of ads on tablets.

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CPIEra Blog - Apple Takes Action Against Fake Ratings on the App Store

While it may not be accepted practice, it’s widely acknowledged that developers and publishers try all manner of tricks and tactics to get their apps higher in the app stores’ charts. This includes posting fake and paid for reviews and ratings.

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CPIEra Blog - Android Users Are Spending 17 Percent Longer in App Sessions

Even though Android users are enjoying a significantly larger amount of app-time then iOS users, the iOS crowd is still handing over more cash per user and appears to be staying loyal to its favourite apps.

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CPIEra Blog - Italy Argues Against the Free in Free-to-Play

Amazon, Apple, GameLoft and Google are under attack from the Italian government about advertising games as free to play. Specifically, the government watchdog is concerned that ‘…insufficient information seems to be provided to consumers about the settings needed to stop or limit the purchases within the app.’

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CPIEra Blog - Why do iOS Users Surf More?

So do we all finally agree that in the US, as in the rest of the world, there are more Android users than iOS? Granted, worldwide Android accounts for somewhere between 75 and 80 percent of total devices according to analysts, whereas the ratio is more like 53 percent Android, 41 percent iOS in the States, but we are clear that Android is the winner.

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CPIEra Blog - Top Revenues by Screen-Size

So, today we ask; between tablets, PCs and smartphones, where does all the money go? Well, breaking the revenues down by screen-size makes for surprising reading.

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