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​App Downloads Set a New Record High for Third Consecutive Month, Reveals December Fiksu Index

Sustained heavy download activity indicates massive use of mobile apps is the new reality for marketers

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48 percent of consumers don’t use their mobile phones for purchases - Avangate

​Digital commerce solutions provider Avangate published the results of its study concerning mobile shopping

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Only 6 percent of American mobile gamers generate 50 percent of revenue - EEDAR

​Market research company EEDAR published the results of its new study in 2014 Deconstructing Mobile & Tablet Gaming Report

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Android 4.4 KitKat adoption reached 30 percent

​Google updated its Platform Versions info for Android

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IDC: Tablet shipments grew 11.5% in Q3 2014

​Market research firm IDC published a tablet market report for Q3 2014

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Mobile apps usage - Infographic

​Forbes published an infographic presenting mobile app usage based on the research by Statista

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Global shipments of smartphones in Q3 2014 reached 327.6 million units

​Market research and analytic firm IDC published new data from its Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker

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Mobile internet investments reached record $19.2 billion

​Consulting firm Digi-Capital published its Mobile Internet Investment Review Q3 2014 report

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Fiksu reported that mobile user acquisition costs reached all-time high

​Mobile marketing company Fiksu published its traditional monthly mobile marketing indexes for September 2014

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Mobile games will surpass consoles in revenues in 2015

​A market research firm Newzoo published its latest Quartery Global Games Market Update

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The gaming companies dominate in the list of mobile apps “billionaires”

​Investment and consulting company Digi-Capital presented its study on the world’s most valuable companies focusing on mobile internet

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Google Play still leads in free downloads, while Apple’s App Store generates more revenue

​Mobile analytics and marketing company App Annie unveiled its latest quarterly mobile market report

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In 2014 smartphones will represent 71 percent of the global mobile phone market - Gartner

​Gartner published its latest report on global device sales

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U.S. mobile gamers are playing more than two games per month, and spending an average of $4 each per month

​Everyplay, the mobile replay sharing network owned by Unity Technologies, published the results if its new study on motivations and behaviors of mobile game players on iOS and Android mobile devices

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One third of Americans play mobile games - ESA

​Entertainment Software Association (ESA) published new report entitled “Mobile Games: Expanding Gameplay Across America”

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Only 1.35 percent of players spend money in mobile games - Swrve

​Mobile marketing and testing company Swrve published “The September 2014 Swrve monetization report”

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The penetration of mobile bookings in the U.S reached 40 percent

An advertising and marketing company Criteo published new Travel Flash Report with the results of its research of mobile booking sector

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First-day iOS 8 adoption rate is slower than for iOS 7

​Various companies that monitor mobile OS usage noted that adoption of iOS 8, although being high, is slower than for iOS 7

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Time spent in mobile apps grew up 21 percent over last year

​Mobile marketing company Localytics unveiled the results of its study of time actually spent in apps

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Analytics forecast the substantial growth of the smart wearables market up to 2018

Various Analytic companies are making very optimistic forecasts about wearables market up to 2018

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By the end of 2014 mobile video ad spending will reach $1.5 billion

​According to the latest study of analytics from eMarketer advertisement firms and marketers in the U.S. will spend about $1.5 billion on mobile video ads by the end of this year

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​iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Still Dominate As Apple Prepares for Announcement

Tomorrow, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 6. With anticipation building for the announcement, one question looms large: will we get two new iPhones, or one?

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85 percent of Millenials in the U.S are smartphone owners

​Nielsen published the results of its study of the U.S. smartphone market share by age, gender and operating system

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Apple’s App Store year-on-year game revenues increased by 70 percent

​Analytic firms App Annie and IDC published its latest Portable Gaming Report. The results of this study comparing Q2 2013 to Q2 2014 show a 70 percent increase in game revenue on the Apple’s App Store

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Worldwide mobile gaming revenues will overcome $21 billon in 2014

​Analytics firm SuperData Research published a new report on mobile games market. The analysts predict that global mobile gaming revenue will rise from $17.7 billion last year to $21.1 billion in 2014

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Analysis of mobile marketing costs in July 2014 from Fiksu

​Analytic company Fiksu published report on mobile marketing costs in July 2014. The analysis of data for 2012-2014 shows relentless increase of these costs

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The state of mobile behavior - Infographic

​Salesforce made the research of the state of mobile behavior and displayed the results of this survey in the form of infographic

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Digi-Capital reports about mobile internet investment explosion

​Digi-Capital published a new report titled Mobile Internet Investment Review Q2 2014. According to this research during the last 12 month the mobile scene showed an unprecedented explosion of financial deals

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Female mobile gamers spend more time and money than male - Flurry

Analytics firm Flurry published the results of its study of consumer loyalty, as well as time and money spent playing mobile games, with a specific look at demography

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In the second quarter of 2014 market share of Android-based smartphones shipped increased

Research firm Strategy Analytics published the smartphone sales numbers for the second quarter of 2014. According to this report, Android gained more market share during this period.

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Digi-Capital forecasts that mobile internet revenue will hit $700 billion by 2017

​Researchers from Digi-Capital published new report called Mobile Internet Investment Review Q2 2014. According to their forecasts, mobile revenue will grow by over 300 percent in the next four years

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Applift and Newzoo forecast that by 2017 global mobile games market will double in size

AppLift and Newzoo published the report about the development of the global mobile games market in the nearest years.

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App Marketing Costs Hit All-time High in June, Reports Fiksu

The World Cup and Apple’s crackdown on incentivized app marketing made June the most expensive month ever for loyal user acquisition – especially for games

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Localytics: World Cup Final Shows Strong App Engagement

As the FIFA 2014 World Cup wrapped up with the final match between Germany and Argentina, millions of football fans tuned in. As reported by Localytics during the opening match, fans are voting with their fingers and using apps to supplement their television experience

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Last quarter Apple’s App Store made 80 percent more revenue than Google Play

Analytic company App Annie published new report about current state of app stores. According to its results Google Play outperforms its competitors in the terms of downloads, but Apple’s App Store is still making more money.

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Adjust reports that 80% of the apps in the App Store are practically “zombies”

Adjust, the company specializing in mobile advertising, published the report with interesting title “Birth, life and death of an app”. According to this study, about 80 percent of the App Store’s 1.2 million apps are practically “zombies” - they don’t have enough rankings in store’s top lists.

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Global PC, tablet and mobile shipments will grow 4.2% in 2014: Gartner

Analytic company Gartner published new report which includes its latest forecasts on the shipments of PC, tablets, “ultramobiles” and mobile phones. According to analysts’ predictions, globally it will be shipped 2.4 billion units - a 4.2 percent increase from 2013.

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Average consumer uses about 27 apps per month - Nielsen

Nielsen revealed the results of its study of mobile apps usage. Its results show that users spend more time using mobile apps than two years ago, while increase in the average number of apps they actually use hasn’t changed two much.

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Mobile marketing costs in May grew up by 17 percent

Mobile marketing company Fiksu published new report which results show the increase in marketing costs in May 2014. According to Fiksu’s Cost per Loyal User Index, which measures the cost of acquiring mobile user who opens an app at least 3 times, these costs grew up by 17 percent from last month and 34 percent from the same period a year ago.

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In May mobile apps have accounted for more than 50 percent of all digital media consumption

Analytics company comScore published new report on mobile apps. The results of this study show that mobile devices (smartphones and PCs) “accounted for 60 percent of total digital media time spent” in May and apps represent 51 percent of all digital media time

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