News 2/4/14 2:00 PM
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Appurify launches the platform for automated testing of mobile apps

Startup Appurify launches Appurify Mobile Platform (AMP) that allows developers to immediately pinpoint and troubleshoot their mobile quality and performance issues pre-release. Company offers an automated solution providing developers with a view of their app’s real-world performance across wide range of real devices, real user conditions, OS configurations, networks, available memory etc.

The Appurify Mobile Platform could be useful for a wide range of companies, both startups and major software companies. A lot of them have been thinking about ways to mobilize their desktop applications. And the many configurations of Appurify’s hundreds of mobile devices could raise the standards for testing mobile apps.

AMP easily integrates into the development cycle. Appurify API allows developers to seamlessly integrate real device testing as part of their existing development.

Jay Srinivasan, CEO and Co-Founder of Appurify, comments: "Successful app developers understand that consumer loyalty is often attributed to mobile performance, and consistency in this performance.  Mobile optimization can't be an afterthought when building an app. With AMP and Appurify's real device lab, for the first time, companies can address quality and performance issues early in an app's development lifecycle, allowing for faster, higher quality releases, rather than troubleshooting after an app is live in the app store."



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