News 9/14/14 7:00 PM
International study shows the problems with privacy with mobile apps

Recently GPEN conducted the study of problems of privacy with mobile apps. The study of more than 1,200 mobile apps found serious privacy issues with up to 85 percent of them

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News 9/14/14 3:45 PM
YouTube will allow Indian users to download videos and play them offline

Recently Google launched cheap Android One smartphones in India. And during the event dedicated to this launch, the company announced that soon it will bring offline capabilities to YouTube users in India

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News 9/14/14 3:15 PM
Digg co-founder Kevin Rose released photo app Tiiny

​Digg co-founder Kevin Rosehave founded another startup North Technologies, which recently released its first app Tiiny.

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Analytics 9/14/14 12:45 PM
Analytics forecast the substantial growth of the smart wearables market up to 2018

Various Analytic companies are making very optimistic forecasts about wearables market up to 2018

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News 9/14/14 12:30 PM
BlackBerry reportedly plans to make smartwatches and smart glasses

​BlackBerry is examining the potential of both smartwatches and smart glasses

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Company blog 9/12/14 8:26 PM
AppInTop Blog - ​Five Retention Strategies for Games Developers and Publishers

If a game is to be successful, retaining a loyal player base is the key. Clever marketing and all out promotion can hook players in, but whether or not they stick around, spending their hard-earned on your IAPs, requires engaging gameplay, a slick overall experience and a solid retention strategy

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News 9/12/14 5:17 PM
Gameloft and Marvel released Spider-Man Unlimited for mobile platforms

Gameloft and Marvel announced the release of Spider-Man Unlimited, an endless runner for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms

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News 9/12/14 5:05 PM
Google Play officially introduced two hour refund window

​At the official support site Google announced that the refund window on Google Play is expanded to 2 hours

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News 9/12/14 4:59 PM
Cinamatic video recording app now supports widescreen 16:9 format

​Cinamatic, the video recording and editing app, made by the company Hipstamatic, was updated with the option permitting to shoot videos in a widescreen 16:9 format

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News 9/12/14 4:41 PM
Twitter announced Flight, its mobile developers conference

​Twitter announced its first annual conference for mobile developers called Twitter Flight

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News 9/12/14 4:29 PM
ClipUp visual task management platform for iOS gets free version

​ClipUp is an iOS app for creative people which offers everything one would need to quickly and easily plan, remember, categorize, share and report various information

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News 9/11/14 3:39 PM
Reportedly Microsoft is going to buy Mojang for $2 billion

​Some online sources including Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal, citing people with knowledge of the matter, reported that Microsoft is in negotiation to acquire Mojang AB, the company behind the mega popular indie game hit Minecraft

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News 9/11/14 3:29 PM
Electronic Arts announced three new mobile games from its hit franchises

​Electronic Arts announced three new games for iOS, which have very good chances to become hits

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News 9/11/14 3:02 PM
Viber adds video calls to its messaging app for iOS and Android

Viber released a new update to its Android and iOS apps. The most interesting new feature of this version of the app is a possibility of mobile video calling.

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News 9/11/14 2:44 PM
Google announced iOS Sync

​Google announced a new tool for users of its iOS Google Apps. It makes managing accounts and settings easier

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News 9/11/14 2:41 PM
Reportedly Apple is close to a deal to acquire Path

Path is the social networking company that calls itself “ideal for close friends and family”. Recently some online sources reported that Apple is close to a deal to buy this startup from San Francisco.

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News 9/10/14 2:08 PM
iOS 8 will be available on September 17

​During iPhone 6/Apple Watch presentation held in Cupertino (California), Apple announced that its newest mobile OS called iOS 8 will be available for download on September 17, just two days before the official release of iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus

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News 9/10/14 2:05 PM
1.3 million iOS apps in the Apple App Store

​During the iPhone 6/Apple Watch media event in Cupertino, Apple also unveiled latest figures about its App Store

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News 9/10/14 1:55 PM
Apple announced its digital wallet Apple Pay

​At the press event in Cupertino (California) Apple announced Apple Pay, a new category of service which makes mobile payments easier, more secure and private

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News 9/10/14 1:39 PM
Apple unveiled the long awaited Apple Watch

​At the media event in Cupertino, Apple unveiled the device from the new product category for this company – smartwatch, which is called simply Apple Watch

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News 9/10/14 1:34 PM
Apple presented iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

​At the press event in Cupertino Apple officially announced two new models of their smartphones: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

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Company blog 9/9/14 7:17 PM
AppInTop Blog - Our new podcast episode with Kirill Sofronov from TapGravity

​Listen our new podcast: Kirill Sofronov. Performance-based mobile ads: what you need to know

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News 9/9/14 1:59 PM
Google updated its Google Play Movies & TV iOS app with download and offline playback

​Google updated its free Google Play Movies & TV app for iOS with a couple of very useful features

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News 9/9/14 1:52 PM
HomeTube released, a kids-friendly YouTube launcher for Android

​Cris Lacy, the developer who made well-known apps Link Bubble and Action Launcher recently released a new application called HomeTube for Android

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Analytics 9/9/14 1:18 PM
By the end of 2014 mobile video ad spending will reach $1.5 billion

​According to the latest study of analytics from eMarketer advertisement firms and marketers in the U.S. will spend about $1.5 billion on mobile video ads by the end of this year

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News 9/9/14 1:07 PM
Wellframe raised $8.5 million in Series A funding for its mobile healthcare platform

​Healthcare is getting more personal and mobile apps of this kind become more and more popular. Wellframe, is a company from Boston that combines mobile technology and artificial intelligence to amplify caring clinical relationships by engaging patients in personalized care plans

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News 9/9/14 12:57 PM
Spotify launched mobile and desktop video ads platform for brands

​Spotify announced the launch of video ads platform for brands which will help to monetize 30 million consumers which use this streaming music service

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Company blog 9/8/14 1:24 PM
AppInTop Blog - ​Worldwide Tablet Forecast Slashed

Due to a recent drop in demand, research firm IDC has revised its 2014 full year predictions for worldwide tablet shipments, dropping the number from 260.9 million units to 233.1 million

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Analytics 9/8/14 12:35 PM
​iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Still Dominate As Apple Prepares for Announcement

Tomorrow, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 6. With anticipation building for the announcement, one question looms large: will we get two new iPhones, or one?

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News 9/8/14 9:39 AM
Sony announced Run SackBoy! Run! for iOS, Android and PS Vita

​In the post on the official PlayStation blog Sony announced Run SackBoy! Run!, a new free to play endless runner for mobile devices and PS Vita

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News 9/8/14 9:24 AM
App analytic company adjust raised $7.6 million in Series C funding round

​Adjust, a well-known app analytics company, announced that it raised $7.6 million in Series C funding round from group of investors led by ACTIVE Venture Partners

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News 9/8/14 9:20 AM
Yahoo acquired advertising platfom Luminate and shut it down

​Last week Yahoo acquired Luminate, an in-image advertising platform. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed

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Analytics 9/8/14 9:11 AM
85 percent of Millenials in the U.S are smartphone owners

​Nielsen published the results of its study of the U.S. smartphone market share by age, gender and operating system

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News 9/8/14 9:06 AM
Marmalade updated its app development tool to version 7.4

​Marmalade announced the release of the latest version (v 7.4) of its cross-platform app development tool

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News 9/5/14 1:10 PM
Apple redesigned its Apple Store app for iOS

​Apple updated its Apple Store iOS app to version 3.0. This new version has totally new design of the interface, with larger images displaying products compared to before and more refined navigation

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Company blog 9/5/14 12:59 PM
AppInTop Blog - ​Global Mobile Ad Revenue Hits $19.3bn in 2013

Global mobile advertising revenue climbed by a massive 92% to $19.3 billion in 2013, over a total of $10.1 billion the previous year

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Analytics 9/5/14 12:42 PM
Apple’s App Store year-on-year game revenues increased by 70 percent

​Analytic firms App Annie and IDC published its latest Portable Gaming Report. The results of this study comparing Q2 2013 to Q2 2014 show a 70 percent increase in game revenue on the Apple’s App Store

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Analytics 9/5/14 12:23 PM
Worldwide mobile gaming revenues will overcome $21 billon in 2014

​Analytics firm SuperData Research published a new report on mobile games market. The analysts predict that global mobile gaming revenue will rise from $17.7 billion last year to $21.1 billion in 2014

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News 9/5/14 12:16 PM
Google will refund at least $19 million for kid’s purchases in mobile games

​Google has agreed to refund at least $19 million to settle charges that it unfairly billed parents for purchases that their children made while playing video games on mobile devices

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News 9/5/14 11:52 AM
PayPal released PayPal Here’s SDK

​PayPal announced the launch of SDK for PayPal Here. This system is direct competitor to Square

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