News 18-04-2014, 11:30
Blizzard announced the worldwide release of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft for iPad

At the beginning of April Blizzard made the soft launch of its eagerly anticipated iPad version of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Now this game became also available for users in other countries.

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News 18-04-2014, 11:25
Yahoo released Live Web Insights for iOS

Yahoo released its Live Web Insights app for iOS. This app is designed for small business owners and it permits them to make the monitoring of their businesses and to interact with customers in real time from their mobile devices.

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News 18-04-2014, 11:12
Square Enix released Hitman GO for iOS

Square Enix announced the release of Hitman GO for iOS which brings famous Agent 47 from well-known game franchise to mobile devices.

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News 18-04-2014, 11:06
Flickr updated its mobile app with 30-second videos

Flickr announced the release of the updated version of its app for iOS and Android. It’s completely redesigned and it focuses on the social aspects of the service which makes it direct competitor of Instagram.

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Blog post 18-04-2014, 10:59
CPIEra Blog - Subject: Marketing experts discuss the relevance of mobile advertising

Users don’t wish to see ugly pictures from the screens of their smartphones, so the mobile ads must not annoy users.

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News 17-04-2014, 15:40
Samsung and Amazon announced a partnership and released Kindle for Samsung

Samsung and Amazon announced a partnership that will bring a special Kindle app to Samsung Galaxy mobile devices, with free books. Kindle for Samsung is now available in more than 90 countries and it can be downloaded from Samsung Apps.

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News 17-04-2014, 15:35
SlideShare released native mobile app

Back in 2012 LinkedIn acquired presentation-hosting platform SlideShare in $119 million deal. SlideShare was launched in 2006, it permits users to upload PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote and OpenDocument files for public or private sharing.

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News 17-04-2014, 11:13
Google released new Google Camera app with Lens Blur mode

Google rolled out new Camera app in the Google Play. It is called simply Google Camera and looks different from the camera soft currently included in Android 4.4 KitKat. The app has some improvements and refinements, much cleaner interface among them.

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News 17-04-2014, 10:26
Frontback released its photo app for Android

The app called Frontback is already very popular on iOS - more than 17 million photos was shared only in March 2014. It is based on very simple and original idea – to take photo with back camera, another photo with front-facing camera and then combine them in one single picture which can be shared. 

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News 17-04-2014, 10:22
Unity acquires predictive analytics company Playnomics

Unity Technologies announced the acquirement of predictive analytics firm Playnomics for undisclosed price. This deal follows Unity’s March acquisition of Applifier, finnish company which developed the Everyplay platform for sharing mobile gameplay videos.

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News 17-04-2014, 09:13
Imangi Studios adds cloud syncing to Android version of Temple Run 2

Imangi Studios, creator of mobile mega-hit game Temple Run 2, released the new update of this title, dedicated specially to Easter, so it will feature a lot of Easter-themed items, for example, bunny ears, which can be unlocked by collecting delicious new Easter artefacts.

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News 17-04-2014, 09:08
Samsung plans to launch Tizen-based smartphones in Q2 2014

Senior executive from Samsung told Reuters that the South Korean company that it plans to launch smartphones based on the Tizen open source operating system by the end of the second quarter 2014.

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Blog post 17-04-2014, 08:55
CPIEra Blog - Subject: 5 low cost ways to promote

Not all developers have enough marketing budgets and can’t afford buying a large number of installs or ads in other applications. What to do in such situations? In this article we’ll focus on possible free or low-budget ways to promote. They are not a panacea, but still help you find and acquire new users.

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News 16-04-2014, 10:52
Esobi released news-reading app newsXpresso for Android

Esobi, the company from Taipei, Taiwan, released the “news-snacking” app newsXpresso for Android, it offers localized content for 20 regions from all over the world.

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News 16-04-2014, 10:38
Google updated Gmail with new photo-feature

Google started the updating of Gmail. Users of updated version will get the ability of inserting their Auto Backup photos from their smartphones and tablets into Gmail messages on the web using the new Insert Photo button.

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News 15-04-2014, 18:50
Startup ItsOn raised $12.5 million in Series C funding

ItsOn is a startup founded by experienced people from Qaulcomm, Nokia and Yahoo, this team has developed a cloud-based mobile services platform oriented at both B2B and B2C.

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News 15-04-2014, 18:47
New update of software development service GitHub

GitHub is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git revision control system, the creators of this service announced a new feature that lets developers to add comments to the files via their smartphones.

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News 15-04-2014, 10:57
Microsoft announced the development of mobile strategy game Age of Empires: World Domination

Microsoft have revealed Age of Empires: World Domination, the first  mobile title based on the popular PC strategy franchise for mobile devices. The game features a real-time battle system optimized for mobile devices

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News 15-04-2014, 10:45 brings iOS app demos to interactive ads is a service, which permits developers to deploy fully usable HTML5 demo version of their native iOS apps on the web. Now the company announced that it’s bringing those app demos directly to mobile devices as interactive ads.

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News 15-04-2014, 10:40
Fashion platform Stylekick updated its app for iOS

Stylekick updated its fashion platform for iOS. The app was launched last fall, it permits users to browse a lot of catalogue-style images, and like specific clothing items or accessories from those pictures.

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