News 8/21/14 6:10:00 PM
Fishing mobile social network Fishbrain reached a milestone of 500,000 users

​Fishbrain is a mobile social network for anglers, which has its own apps both for iOS and Android. Recently Fishbrain announced that it reached the milestone of 500,000 users

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News 8/21/14 6:00:00 PM
Classy launches Student Marketplace for iOS

​Classy Mobile announced the release of its Student Marketplace app for iOS. The app is oriented on students who want to sell their items to other students

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Blog post 8/21/14 5:45:00 PM
Microsoft released OneNote for Android tablets with handwriting input

​Microsoft announced the release of One Note app for Android tablets which makes the users closer to OneNote experience on Microsoft Surface tablets

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News 8/20/14 12:34:00 PM
PlayFab raised $2.5 million in seed round from angel investors

​PlayFab, a Seattle company that provides back-end support for game studios, announced a $2.5 million seed round from angel investors like PopCap co-founder Jason Kapalka and IronPort co-founder Scott Banister

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News 8/20/14 12:24:00 PM
Zhongji Holding acquires gaming subsidiary of FunPlus for $960 million

​A publicly traded building construction company called Zhongji Holding from Shanghai said it will buy FunPlus' DianDian subsidiary, which has 120 staff, for up to $960 million

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News 8/20/14 12:01:00 PM
Activision announced Call of Duty: Heroes for iOS

Activision announced the mobile game from its billion-seller franchise Call of Duty. It’s called Call of Duty: Heroes and is an iOS exclusive

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News 8/20/14 11:53:00 AM
Facebook updated its Messenger app for Windows Phone with new features

​Facebook released an updated version of its Messenger app for Windows Phone.

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News 8/20/14 11:37:00 AM
A new shopping app Spring released for iOS

​A new shopping app called Spring is released on the Apple’s App Store. This app is created by the team lead by entrepreneur and angel investor David Tisch, who is known for having invested in over 100 startups

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News 8/20/14 11:32:00 AM
OneDay released video storytelling app for iOS

​Dallas-based startup OneDay announced the release of the free video storytelling app of the same name for iOS

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News 8/20/14 11:21:00 AM
Messaging app Yo updated with additional features

​Famous messaging app Yo received an update, which expands its functionality beyond the single word

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Company blog 8/20/14 11:09:00 AM
AppInTop Blog - Our new podcast episode with Gamblit Gaming is available in iTunes

​Listen our new podcast: Gamblit Gaming, How to monetize mobile games with real-money gambling?

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News 8/19/14 3:45:00 PM
Microïds announced Syberia 3 for iOS and Android

​Microïds announced that Syberia 3 for iOS and Android is under development and the game will be released in 2015

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News 8/19/14 3:38:00 PM
Truth – an app for sending anonymous texts

​Anonymous services like Whisper or Secret are becoming more and more popular, and more of such apps are appearing in this category. Recently, another app of this kind was released in the Apple’s App Store, it’s called Truth – Just Say It

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Analytics 8/19/14 3:29:00 PM
The state of mobile behavior - Infographic

​Salesforce made the research of the state of mobile behavior and displayed the results of this survey in the form of infographic

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News 8/19/14 3:20:00 PM
YoYo Games launched Game Maker: Studio Marketplace

​YoYo Games, the team behind the multi-platform game engine Game Maker: Studio, has officially opened Game Maker Marketplace

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News 8/19/14 3:16:00 PM
Google acquires traveling startup JetPac

​The traveling startup JetPac wrote at its official site that the company is acquired by Google. The information about the financial terms of the deal are not disclosed

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News 8/19/14 2:59:00 PM
Mobile security company Lookout raised $150 million in funding

​Mobile security company Lookout announced that it raised $150 million in financing round from group of investors led by T. Rowe Price

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News 8/19/14 2:55:00 PM
Activision announced Skylanders Trap Team for tablets

​Activision announced popular toy/game hybrid Skylanders Trap Team for iOS and Android tablets

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News 8/19/14 2:50:00 PM
Amazon launches Live App Testing

​Amazon announced a new tool called Live App Testing. It will permit mobile developers to distribute apps to a predefined group of users before the apps are launched

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News 8/19/14 2:44:00 PM
Foursquare launched Swarm app for Windows Phone

​Back in May Foursquare released a standalone app Swarm for Android and iOS, now it is also available for users of Windows Phone mobile devices

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News 8/19/14 2:38:00 PM
Local search recommendations service WhoDoYou released its iOS app

​An Israeli-based social local search service WhoDoYou announced the release of its iOS app, it will join existing website and Android apps

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Company blog 8/19/14 2:32:00 PM
AppInTop Blog - ​Adapting for the Very Small Screen

Econsultancy’s New Mobile Display Ecosystem report, conducted in association with OpenX, examines how publishers and content providers are dealing with the shift towards mobile, and how ads and ad agencies are making the most of their new format

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News 8/18/14 4:01:00 PM
The Pokémon Trading Card Game coming to iPad

​Online sources reported that soon The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online will come to iOS

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News 8/18/14 3:46:00 PM
Humin – smart contacts app for iPhone

​Humin released the app of the same name for iPhone, it is is working as replacement for the default Phone app

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News 8/18/14 3:23:00 PM
Camoji - messenger which sends selfies as animated GIFs

​Leo Me, the developer known by its group photo chat Leo, released another interesting app for iOS. It’s called Camoji

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News 8/18/14 3:15:00 PM
Microsoft released WindUp, a Snapchat-like app

​Microsoft Research released WindUp, a new messaging app for Windows Phone, the app allows to create temporary messages and to share them

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News 8/18/14 3:06:00 PM
Samsung acquires SmartThings for $200 million

​Samsung acquires SmartThings, a startup which is focused on home automation products. This will help Korean giant to expand its presence on the scene of Internet of Things

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News 8/18/14 12:58:00 PM
Beanstock Media acquires Onswipe

​Beanstock Media, the company behind the premium Publisher Trading Desk announced the acquisition of the mobile publishing platform Onswipe

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News 8/18/14 12:26:00 PM
LINE released Selfie Sticker photo app

​Japanese company LINE Corporation which owns the popular Line messaging app released a new app called LINE Selfie Sticker for iOS and Android, which combines selfies and stickers

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News 8/18/14 12:13:00 PM
Mobile app Meetup adds Messages feature

​Meetup is a local community organizing network that makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face

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News 8/18/14 12:04:00 PM
PayPal announced a new Sales Reports feature for its mobile app PayPal Here

​PayPal announced a new major feature for its official mobile credit card processing app, PayPal Here for iOS and Android

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News 8/18/14 11:56:00 AM
App quality company Applause announced the partnership with Crittercism

​The app quality company Applause announced its partnership with the app performance management firm Crittercism. The purpose of this collaboration is the extension of the companies combined assortment of tools to provide users with quality testing and management options

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Company blog 8/18/14 11:46:00 AM
AppInTop Blog - ​The App Economy: Winners and Losers

While there is the potential to make big profits in the iOS and Android app marketplaces, there is always the risk of going broke if your product is unsuccessful for any reason

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News 8/15/14 7:01:00 PM
Electronic Arts announced Madden Mobile

​Electronic Arts announced that popular American football game Madden Mobile for iOS and Android will be released on August 26, the same day as the console-exclusive Madden NFL 15

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News 8/15/14 6:47:00 PM
Weight Loss app NuMi released for Android

​Nutrisystem announced the launch of its NuMi weight loss app for Android, the iOS version of it was released earlier this year

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News 8/15/14 6:39:00 PM
Europe’s app economy accounts for 19 percent of global revenues

The research company Vision Mobile published the report with the results of its study of the European app economy

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Analytics 8/15/14 6:24:00 PM
Digi-Capital reports about mobile internet investment explosion

​Digi-Capital published a new report titled Mobile Internet Investment Review Q2 2014. According to this research during the last 12 month the mobile scene showed an unprecedented explosion of financial deals

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News 8/15/14 5:58:00 PM
Foodpanda raises $60 million of funding

​Online food ordering platform Foodpanda announced that it raised another $60 million of funding from existing investors and also new ones

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Company blog 8/15/14 5:39:00 PM
AppInTop Blog - Mobile Ad Engagement Doubles

Almost 50% of mobile shoppers now say they find mobile ads helpful and informative, which is up 113% from 22% in 2013, according to a study by Nielsen

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News 8/15/14 3:40:00 PM
Tabby Awards announced 2014 winners

The ​organizers of The Tabby Awards recently announced the list of winners for 2014 which also includes users’ choice selections.

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