News 10/30/14 5:16 PM
HeroCraft released Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf for iOS

​HeroCraft announced the release of the turn-based tactical combat game Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf for iOS

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Analytics 10/30/14 5:07 PM
Mobile internet investments reached record $19.2 billion

​Consulting firm Digi-Capital published its Mobile Internet Investment Review Q3 2014 report

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News 10/30/14 5:01 PM
Google updated its apps for Android with new Material Design

​Google released updates to a handful of its apps for Android – Drive, Docs, Slides and Sheets

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News 10/29/14 5:15 PM
Microsoft updated its OneNote app for iOS with cloud storage attachments and Touch ID

​Microsoft announced the update of its OneNote app for iOS with useful new features

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News 10/29/14 2:41 PM
Code School released its app for iOS with instructional videos for developers

​Code School is an online development learning portal launched in 2011, recently the team released its official mobile app that opens up its library of educational videos to help developers learn while on the go.

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News 10/29/14 2:18 PM
Chukong announced Cocos Service Initiative

​Chinese company Chukong announced Cocos Service Initiative aimed to providing help to mobile developers using Cocos 2d-x game engine

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News 10/29/14 2:01 PM
iOS 8 adoption reached 52%

​Apple updated its iOS adoption stats. The numbers show that iOS 8 surpassed 50 percent mark and now reach 52 percent

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News 10/29/14 1:57 PM
Facebook reached 1.12 billion mobile monthly active users

​At the Q3 2014 earnings call Facebook unveiled some new interesting statistics. The company revealed that it reached 1.35 billion monthly active users, 1.12 billion of those were mobile users

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Press Release 10/28/14 7:00 PM
​Halloween is coming to Game Insight titles!

Vilnius, Lithuania, October 27, 2014. — Halloween is just around the corner and all the spooky things there are have invaded your favourite Game Insight games!

0 54  
News 10/28/14 12:53 PM
Big Huge Games announced DomiNations for iOS and Android

​Big Huge Games, a well-known game development studio revitalized by industry veteran Brian Reynolds, announced a strategy combat game DomiNation for iOS and Android

0 69  
News 10/28/14 12:42 PM
Heyzap launched mediation service for mobile app developers

​Mobile advertising network Heyzap announced the launch of mediation service for mobile app developers

0 42  
Analytics 10/28/14 12:24 PM
Fiksu reported that mobile user acquisition costs reached all-time high

​Mobile marketing company Fiksu published its traditional monthly mobile marketing indexes for September 2014

0 44  
News 10/28/14 12:16 PM
Facebook updated its apps for iOS and Android with new photo options

​Facebook announced the release of updated version of its app for iOS and Android

0 77  
News 10/28/14 12:07 PM
Jimdo presented website creation platform on Android

​Jimdo, the team behind a website creation platform of the same name, released its app for Android

0 62  
News 10/24/14 3:18 PM
Rovio released RETRY for iOS and Android

​A well-known game developer and publisher Rovio from Finland announced the release of its new game RETRY for iOS and Android

0 59  
News 10/24/14 2:41 PM
Google adds support of GPS and offline music playback to Android Wear

​Google announced the major update of its wearables platform Android Wear

0 65  
News 10/24/14 2:16 PM
Mozilla is creating Webmaker, an app for creating mobile apps on the phones

​Several online sources reported that Mozilla is creating the app called Webmaker

0 64  
News 10/24/14 2:11 PM
PlayStudios raised $20 million in funding

​PlayStudios, a social casino games developer from California, raised $20 million in Series C financing round led by Jafco Ventures

0 60  
News 10/24/14 2:06 PM
Apple launched TestFlight beta testing service for all developers

​TestFlight is a service for beta testing of mobile apps, Apple acquired its developer Burstly in February

0 59  
News 10/23/14 3:12 PM
Twitter launched a new modular SDK called Fabric

​At Flight, first mobile developer conference organized by Twitter, the company’s CEO Dick Costollo announced new modular SDK called Fabric

0 60  
News 10/23/14 2:57 PM
Twitter introduced Digits, a new service for signing in to apps without passwords

​At the mobile developers conference held by Twitter in San Francisco, the company announced Digits, a new service which will permit users to log in to apps with just their phone numbers

0 61  
News 10/23/14 2:14 PM
Google updated Google Earth for Android with new 3D rendering engine

​Google announced the release of a major update for its Google Earth app for Android

0 86  
News 10/23/14 1:47 PM
Google presented Inbox, a new email app

​Google introduced a new email app called Inbox, it was developed by the same team which built Gmail

0 64  
Analytics 10/23/14 1:35 PM
Mobile games will surpass consoles in revenues in 2015

​A market research firm Newzoo published its latest Quartery Global Games Market Update

0 52  
News 10/22/14 2:02 PM
YouAppi raised $3 million in Series A funding round

​YouAppi, the company focused on data-driven customer acquisition, announced that it has raised a $3 million Series A funding round led by Glilot Capital Partners

0 65  
News 10/22/14 1:54 PM
Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft will appear on smartphones early next year

​In a post at its official blog Blizzard announced that its hit game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will be released for Android and iPhone early next year

0 80  
News 10/22/14 1:49 PM
Fiksu secured $10 million in debt funding from Silicon Valley Bank

​Mobile marketing company Fiksu announced that that it raised $10 million in debt funding from Silicon Valley Bank

0 88  
News 10/22/14 1:20 PM
Microsoft released Music Deals app for Windows Phone

​Microsoft announced the release of the Microsoft Music Deals for Windows and Windows Phone

0 81  
News 10/22/14 1:04 PM
Mobli Media updated its ephemeral messaging app Mirage

​Mobli Media, a company from Israel, launched Mirage in July 2014. This app allows users to send and receive messages disappearing after a few seconds

0 83  
News 10/21/14 5:00 PM
Olocode released its business contacts app for iOS and Android

​Olocode, a free service of sharable contact details, launched its app Olocode Plus for iOS and Android

0 80  
News 10/21/14 4:31 PM
Dropbox integrated Touch ID technology to its iOS app

​Dropbox updated its app for iOS, now it’s compatible with Apple’s fingerprint-scanning technology Touch ID

0 62  
News 10/21/14 4:20 PM
Apple released iOS 8.1

​Apple started to roll out the iOS 8.1, the first major update of the latest installment of Apple’s mobile iOS

0 89  
News 10/21/14 3:55 PM
Skype updated its app for Windows Phone with drawing possibility

​Microsoft announced the update of its Skype app for Windows Phone

0 66  
News 10/21/14 3:46 PM
Apple reported the results of Q4 2014

​Apple announced the results of its fiscal fourth quarter of 2014

0 71  
News 10/21/14 10:44 AM
2K released mobile NBA 2K15 for iOS and Amazon Devices

​Video games publisher 2K announced the release of NBA 2K15, a new game from its popular basketball simulator franchise

0 94  
News 10/21/14 10:30 AM
Reddit acquired Alien Blue and launched its first official app

​Link-sharing community Reddit has 170 million unique visitors and 6 million page views per month. Until now it didn't have its own official mobile app, now the situation has changed

0 60  
Analytics 10/21/14 10:23 AM
The gaming companies dominate in the list of mobile apps “billionaires”

​Investment and consulting company Digi-Capital presented its study on the world’s most valuable companies focusing on mobile internet

0 62  
News 10/20/14 6:08 PM
Google released Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK

Google announced the release of the full software development kit for the latest verstion of Google’s mobile OS, called Android 5.0 Lollipop

0 79  
News 10/20/14 4:35 PM
Yahoo updated its Flickr iOS app

​Yahoo announced the new version of its Flickr app for iOS. Version 3.2 is optimized for Retina-display iPad and iOS 8

0 70  
News 10/17/14 2:24 PM
The mobile games from Doodle franchise surpassed 150 million downloads

​JoyBits, the developer of mobile games, announced that the amount of downloads of the games from its popular Doodle franchise surpassed the milestone of 150 million

0 71  

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